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After several years in the planning, the What-aid-where website is to be formally launched at the inaugural Storian Blo Helti Tut, oral health conference, in Port Vila, on Saturday 14 March 2015.

The concept for the website is all about … “linking organisations and volunteers for better results”.

The idea for the website originated out of the remote-access transport group, Medical Sailing Ministries how much more effective they became when they networked with other aid groups operating in similar and complementary fields

The dilemma they faced back then, and still face today, is knowing:

Who are the other aid groups

What they are doing, and

Where are they working ?

The importance of this was hit home a few years ago when delivering a health team to a remote village, only to discover that another team from a totally different organization had been there just a week or two earlier.

If they’d known, a different island, or village could easily have been selected.

On another occasion they were travelling to a remote island and by chance discovered that a Rotary group was building a school there.  As a result they were able to offer transport aboard their boat for any materials or volunteers that might be going there.

The truth is, there are so many great aid organisations out there, all doing wonderful work.  Not just in health, but also in building, education, the environment, leadership-training, skills-development … the list goes on.

But each group faces the same dilemma – knowing what others were doing, so as to

•                limit overlap and duplication, and to

•                work in a complementary manner to achieve more for the communities we each seek to serve

All the more critical these days when aid-dollars are harder to come by and working smarter is imperative.

If you represent an aid group, why not register on the website now.

Then, with your own private log-in details, you can input a summary of your organization’s operations, what projects you are undertaking, whether you require volunteers, and the all-important calendar of future activities.  So at a glance,  everyone can see who’s doing what, and where.

As time goes by, simply update your details whenever necessary.

It’s all about linking organisations and volunteers for better results.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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