Pam brings Storian to an end

2015.03.12 Storian partcipants


(Port Vila – Sunday 15 March 2015)

Yesterday, Saturday, it was a case of shock, relief and a sense of disbelief at the widespread destruction resulting from Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Today, it’s sunny, still, hot and humid, and the reality of rebuilding, starting again, and in some cases dealing with the viloent and tragic loss of family members is hitting home.

Mike and I were due to fly home this morning, but the airport is closed until further notice. 

The 3 day dental conference (Storian Blo Helti Tut) we were here to attend lasted 4 hours before proceedings were wound up on Thursday to allow people time to adequately prepare for the cyclone’s approach.  A great disappointment, but a small issue compared with what many must now deal with in the aftermath.

Given the number of yachts and boats that have gone aground (80% of the boats in the harbour by one report) after dragging their moorings I am very pleased “Chimere” is safely in her Hastings berth back in Victoria We are yet to hear news from the people and projects with whom we are connected, but early reports suggest the destruction is widespread across most of the 63 inhabited islands that comprise this country.  It might take some to time to hear from the outer regions.

Blessings, Rob Latimer and Mike Clarke.


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