Sea Mercy

Sea Mercy is a benevolent program developed for disaster and critical care needs for remote islanders. Sea Mercy is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity with a simple vision and mission to “stand in the gap” with a service delivery vessel, trained health care volunteers, support equipment, and critical care services as island nations develop their “outer island” health care infrastructure, when critical health care need opportunities are present, or when disasters occur.


Brief History

Richard & Stephanie Hackett (Founders)

Although the Sea Mercy program is relatively new, the experience and leadership of the organization is mature and experienced. Richard & Stephanie Hackett, President & Founders of the Sea Mercy program have spent the last 30+ years of their lives preparing to launch this important and much needed program.

Mr. Hackett graduated from Oregon State University in 1984, with a B.S. in International Business & Marketing and a minor in History. He is very experienced in building major for-profit and non-profit organizations from scratch. He is also a published writer/author (Everything, The Eyes of the Heart and The Black Dragons). Stephanie Hackett graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1982 with a B.S. in Business & Marketing. Sea Mercy is a non-profit Charity, although both are very active and involved Christians and their motives for building this program originated from their love for God and the compassion for those created in his image.

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