Medical Sailing Ministries

Medical Sailing Ministries (MSM) began in 2008 in response to the need for medical transport to remote villages in Vanuatu.  MSM currently operates using the 53 foot steel yacht Chimere, on loan from MSM members, Robert Latimer and Barry Crouch.  After much planning and preparation, 2009 was the first year of in-the-field service, with follow-up missions in 2010 and 2013

Chimere is crewed by like-minded, enthusiastic volunteers, who each share a sense of adventure, plus the simple desire to help others.

When not providing transport and logistical support MSM is assisting in the development of the Vanuatu Dental Care Services


Region of activity


Field of activity

Provision of remote-access medical transport using a yacht and volunteer sailors

Recruitment and operation of health missions to the outer islands

Promotion of Low-Smoke Cooking stoves to reduce the incidence of smoke inhalation

Support and development of the Vanuatu Dental Care Services

Establishment and operation of the “What-Aid-Where” website


Medical Mission Logistics and Volunteers

Low Smoke Stoves

Networking of aid groups

Country of origin



PCV Health – The Health program of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu

North Ringwood Uniting Church (Melb)

Uniting World – overseas aid arm of the Uniting Church

Brief History

Described above

Current Plans

Continued support of the Vanuatu Dental Care Services

Assistance with the recruitment of medical / dental volunteers

No sailing transport plans for 2015

Resource Requirements

We currently require volunteer dentists and dental assistance to participate in the outreach activities of the Vanuatu Dental Care Services

The yacht used in the outreach missions is maintained privately by owners Robert Latimer and Barry Crouch

Financial donations would be very useful in meeting the cost of dental consumables

Volunteers Required

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