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Fruit of the Pacific (FOP), a NZ based charitable trust, endeavour to support transformation of Pacific communities to places where men, women, and children all thrive in an environment of honour and prosperity. We believe the essence of community transformation is individual transformation so our process is to work with groups of individuals, believing that their growth will inspire others to greater places too.

Our delivery model is unique as it sits outside of the normal aid and development model where projects are most often designed and implemented in-country, usually by an NGO who invites varying degrees of participation from the recipient communities and other stakeholders. In contrast FOP predominantly works in NZ, partnering with Pacific workers that come to work here for 3-6 months of each year under a government labour mobility policy known as the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme. We work with these seasonal migrants to develop skills and community development projects so that they are empowered, when they return home, to be active participants in their community’s development, by implementing their new knowledge.

Over the last 8 years, FOP has built strong relationships with seasonal workers from Vanuatu, with a significant number coming from the island of Tanna. It has successfully delivered a number of key programmes in NZ and facilitated the implementation of both development and rebuild projects in Vanuatu, including Vanuatu Oral Health Awareness (VOHA), Storian Blo Helti Tut and Te Puke Tanna Together (TTT).


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