When and how did we start out?

The idea for this website evolved through the establishment and operation of the remote-access transport aid group Medical Sailing Ministries.

Taking medical teams to the remote islands and villages of Vanuatu taught us many things, including how much more effective we became when we networked with other aid groups operating in similar and complementary fields

This point was really hit home when, in 2010, we  delivered a health team to a remote village, only to discover that another team from a totally different organization had been there just a week or two earlier.

Thereafter, we did all we could to discover:

  1. Who are the other aid groups
  2. What they are doing, and
  3. Where are they working ?

… so as to reduce overlap and the wasting of resources.

Who can help?

There are many ways you can help.

First, if you are involved in an aid group, currently working in Vanuatu, please register on the website and begin networking and communicating with other groups

Second, if you know of any aid groups, not yet on this website, please let them know and encourage them to get involved

Third, if you have ideas for the improvement of this website, or technical, IT skills to volunteer, we are always open to ways of improvement and assistance with back-office support.

Fourth, at this stage What-aid-where is operated by volunteers and our costs are low, so we don’t have a need for donations.    As the website grows, however, we will invite [appropriate] organisations to place “banner adds” on the site, promoting products and services complementary to selected aid organisations and projects.

What is What Aid Where?

Refer to ‘About Us’ on this website.

What groups can register?

All groups conducting aid work can register on this website, with the purpose of letting other groups and potential volunteers know what you are doing and where you are doing it.

How do we register our aid group?

On the Home Page, go to “For Organisations” … then … “Register Organisations”.  Type in the basic information, as requested, then click “Submit”.

We will then send you a longer “Form Template” for you to complete and return.  We will also send you a password, so you could actually upload the form template information yourself.  HOWEVER, in the initial stages, we are happy to upload the information on your behalf in order to get you started.

Once your organisation’s information has been uploaded, you are then able to use your password to access your section of the website through … “Update Organisation Details”

Are you a Christian group?

What-aid-where has been developed by Medical Sailing Ministries, an outreach activity of North Ringwood Uniting Church in Australia.  Our motivation might be a practical expression of our Christian faith, but the What-aid-where website is open to all groups and individuals, no matter where they originate, so long as they respect the local customs and laws of the country in which they operate.

What does it cost?

There is no charge, either initially or ongoing, for aid groups to register on this website.   Volunteers who might wish to join particular groups should check the likely cost of doing so.

Why are you only in Vanuatu?

What-aid-where was launched in March 2015, based initially on the many aid groups operating throughout this spread-out nation.  If the website achieves its objectives, then there is no reason why it cannot be rolled out to other countries.

What about data privacy?

Each aid group registering on the What-aid-where website receives their own password, which enables them to update their information at any time.  Any private information is retained for the sole purpose of operating the website and is not passed on to third parties.

What if we want to be “deregistered” from the website?

If you’d like to remove your organisation from the website, then simply make your request via email and we will remove all relevant information at the earliest opportunity

Do you have any particular rules or regulations?

Offensive, insensitive, abusive or inappropriate site content will be removed along with the relevant organisation’s site registration will also be removed.

All organisations registered on this site are assumed to comply with laws applicable in either Australian, New Zealand, England or the USA.  Relevant laws, include, (but are not limited to) those affecting the treatment of women and children, safety, fraud, corruption, exploitation and other unethical behavior


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