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The “What Aid Where” website has been created and developed by the aid group Medical Sailing Ministries (www.msm.org.au), which in turn is an outreach program of North Ringwood Uniting Church in Melbourne, Australia.

Whilst having a Christian motivation at its heart, the website, just like Medical Sailing Ministries, seeks to serve all groups and individuals, regardless of religious or political outlook.

The inspiration for the site came from seeing how much more effective we became – in delivering remote-access medical transport and logistical support around the islands of Vanuatu – when we networked with other aid organisations.

The dilemma we faced, however, was then maintaining ongoing communications with each group, in a timely and efficient manner.

We kept asking ourselves … “…if only each group could let all the other groups know WHAT they were doing, plus WHERE and WHEN they were doing it, so as to assist everyone in the planning process.”

A centralized website, where each group could upload their information and calendar of activities – initially and ongoing – seemed to be the most logical solution. So What-aid-where was born.

And who knows, if it works for Vanuatu, then it might even work for other countries around the world aid groups function! Who knows?

There is no cost or charge for aid groups – either initially, or ongoing – to register on this website; and your contact are only used in relation to this website.

Our goal is to get every aid group that is active in Vanuatu – whether they be focusing on health, education, environment, sanitation, construction, whatever … – to register on this site, so everyone can tap the benefits of networking.

It’s all about linking organisations and volunteers for better results.

Look forward to hearing from you soon

Rob Latimer (Home Page Photo)

Rob Latimer – Co-ordinator

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