PCV Health

The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu provides a range of health services in association with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

Health Services provided by the church are open and available to all Vanuatu people, or Ni-Vans, with services coordinated mostly from the head office in Port Vila where a well equipped eye care and dental clinic has been established next to the Paton Memorial Church (PMC).

The Secretary, and day-to-day manager of PCV Health, is Richard Tatwin, with the overall structure of program illustrated below:

PCV Health Org Chart


PCV Health operates an EyeCare and Dental Clinic in Port Vila, and EyeCare Clinic in Luganville and an EyeCare Clinic in Lenakel.

PCV Health has the following staff to provide its services:

  • 4 Eye Care workers
  • 2 Dental Care Workers
  • 1 Community Health Worker
  • x Korvan Health Educators

Region of activity


Field of activity

PCV Health offers a range of  services including:

  • Eye Care Services
  • Dental Services
  • Community Health programs
  • Mental Health programs, and
  • Korvan Health Training

Services are offered to the Port Vila and Efate communities from the PCV Health Clinic in Port Vila.

EyeCare and Dental Services are provided outside of Efate to all islands in Vanuatu on a three year program basis, through numerous Outreach Missions and activities run by local staff and overseas volunteers.


Country of origin



PCV Health – The Health program of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu

PCV Health has a range of affiliations including:

  • Vanuatu Ministry of Health
  • Uniting Church in Australia
  • Uniting World in Australia (and DFAT)
  • Vanuatu Prevention of Blindness Program
  • Medical Sailing Ministries
  • Rotary Clubs of Korea
  • Rotary Clubs of Australia
  • Colgate Partner (Bright Smiles Bright Future)

Brief History

According to the 2009 National Household Census, Christian affiliation in Vanuatu is claimed by around 95% of the population, with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) being the most prominent amongst the many denominations.

In response to their proclamation of faith, the church delivers a range of practical services, in areas such as education, health and community development, often in association with ‘partners’; including the Vanuatu Government and the Australian Uniting Church and AusAID (as it was previously known).

Health Services provided by the church are open and available to all Vanuatu people, or Ni-Vans, with services co-ordinated mostly from the head office in Port Vila where a well equipped eye care and dental clinic has been established next to the Paton Memorial Church (PMC)

Whilst eye care and dental care services are provided all year round at the PCV Health clinic in Port Vila, throughout the months of May, June, July and August each year, health outreach missions are conducted amongst the many, often remote, islands of Vanuatu, with the strategy being to reach every island on a 3-5 year rotation.



Current Plans

1.  Recruiting dental volunteers to operate the PCV Health Dental Clinic for 1-2 weeks each month.

2.  Recruiting and operating four Medical Outreach Missions, incorporating dental, optical and medical services, to the islands of Malekula, and Pentecost.  Transport for these missions will be by local plane, 4WD and small coastal boats

In 2016, three Mission-style opportunities are planned, staffed by local staff. These are generally for one week and occur between February and August.  The plans are:

08 Feb –
12 Feb 2016

Dental Team /Eye Surgery Operations Outreach

Local Team 1

South West Bay, Malekula

Dental/Eye Surgery

29 May –
12 June 2016

Dental Team /Eye Surgery Operations Outreach

Local Team 2

Laman Bay, Epi

Dental/Eye Surgery

22 Aug –
28 Aug 2016

Dental Team /Eye Care  Outreach

Local Team 3

Lingarak, Malekula

Dental/Eye/NCD Awareness, Treatment

In 2016, two Overseas staffed Mission-style opportunities are planned, which are generally for two weeks and and are planned for May and June.  The plans are:

20 May–
03 June 2016

Dental/Eye / Medical Outreach

Team 1 – Overseas Team

South to North-East Malekula

NCD Awareness, Treatment

17 July –
01 August 2016

Dental/Eye/ Medical Outreach

Team 2 – Overseas Team


Dental/Eye/ Medical
NCD Awareness, Treatment


In addition, a number of self contained overseas groups are scheduled to provide health services under the guidance of PCV Health.  These include:

01 May–
17 May 2016

Dental Outreach

Rotary Dentists (Adelaide)

To de decided

Dental Treatment/Oral Health Awareness

Our other current plans involve supporting the two full-time Ni-Van Dental Workers, who are based at the PCV Health Clinic in Port Vila.  They focus on Education and Prevention in the Port Vila and Efate communities and in particular, Maternal clinics,  Kindy’s and Schools.

The more advanced treatment is offered by a roster of volunteer Australian dentists, who provide dental services on a ‘one week a month’ basis, the Port Vila Clinic.

For more information, a schedule of all PCV Health Department activities is attached:

2016 PCV Health Activities Calendar v2



Resource Requirements

Dental Volunteers Required for …

Overseas Team 1     20 May– 03 June (S to NE Malekula)
Overseas Team 2    17 July– 01 August (Pentecost)

Each team includes:

Co-ordinator x 1
Dentist x 2
Dental Nurse, x 2
Doctor x 1
Optometrist x 1

Each team will also include local, Ni-Van Health Care Workers.

Contact Details

Richard Tatwin

xxx xxxx



Download "2014 PCV Health Volunteers Manual"

Download "VPBP Handbook"

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